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/i/Auralex/tru_2lr.jpg The folks at Auralex are the best. They will help you with all of your acoustic needs from the smallest to the largest jobs. They have the professionals to help you make your room/facility sound great. Life Effects can help as well. If you do not want to tackle your install yourself. "We can quote a custom install just for you." Please take a look at the Auralex website, it has all of the resources you need to get you on your way to great or call 317-842-2600
Or e-mail us or call 580-857-2128

Room Analysis Calculators

/i/Auralex/rm.gif "Do it yourself, Complete Room Systems Products Click Here"
  • Nobody else ever did it for you, so we took the guesswork out of acoustics and made it EASY AND AFFORDABLE to improve your sound with complete acoustic sound control systems from Auralex!
  • /i/Auralex/df.gif "Sound Diffusion Products Click Here"
  • Diffusion keeps sound waves from grouping, so there are no hot spots or nulls in a room. Diffusion widens the "sweet spot" and lends a strong, 3D sense of openness to a room.
  • /i/Auralex/bt.gif "Bass Trap Products Click Here"
  • Controlling low-frequency sound is harder than controlling mid- or high-frequency sound and generally requires more effort. Bass Traps from Auralex can help!
  • /i/Auralex/is.gif "Sound Isolation Products Click Here"
  • Auralex takes our "Total Sound Control" mission to heart in the Auralex Iso Series of products. Each is specifically engineered to address problems associated with individual sound sources.
  • /i/Auralex/co.gif "Construction Products Click Here"
  • Two ways to stop sound from being transmitted from one space to another are dead air and mass. Sound construction products from Auralex will help you cover all the bases.
  • /i/Auralex/mw.gif "MAX-WALL Mobil Acoustical Environment Products Click Here"
  • An acoustic wall panel kit should give you everything you've always wanted from your acoustical treatments! Affordability. Portability. Expandability. Adaptability.
  • /i/Auralex/ab.gif "Sound Absorption Products Click Here"
  • Acoustical foam is well-suited to alleviate slap and flutter echo, the two most common problems that are often associated with inaccurate room acoustics.
  • /i/Auralex/ad.gif "Adhesive Products Click Here"
  • The world's best acoustic foam adhesives, guaranteed to keep your foam up for as long as you want it there. Auralex acoustic foam adhesives do not to "eat" your Studiofoam.
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