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SPC82PJT Splitter - Contractor , SPC82P w/ Jensen transformers
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Price: $ 1,018.95
Availability: 2-3 weeks lead time to ship
Prod. Code: SPC82PJT

The Whirlwind SPC8x series of passive microphone splitters are the ideal, expandable solution for permanent installations.
Each unit provides 8 channels of mic level splitting circuitry in a single rack space unit. Depth is 7.5" including tie bar.

The SPC82 and SPC82P provide one direct and one transformer isolated output per channel, the SPC83 and SPC83P provide one direct and two isolated outputs per channel. Whirlwind transformers are used throughout. (Available with Jensen transformers, add "JT" to the part number.)

The SPC82P and SPC83P feature rear terminal connections for injecting phantom power at the splitter with the optional Whirlwind Whirlwind DCSP1 (Replaces PS48) external phantom power supply. Phantom power is blocked from the splitter's outputs, including the direct out. A loop through feature on the phantom connection allows a single DCSP1 to provide phantom power to multiple units, limited only by total current draw of up to 500mA.

All connections are made via removeable Phoenix style connectors - cable end connectors are included.
A set of dip switches is provided for each iso output for lifting the ground connection between each input and iso output.

Rear tie-bar is provided for attaching cables securely to avoid accidental disconnects.

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