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Direct-2 Direct Box 2 channel
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The Direct2 combines features found on two of our DIRECTOR® direct boxes in one unit. Each section is comprised of two 1/4" input jacks, one XLR male output connector, a -20dB pad switch and a ground lift switch. Hi/Lo and unbalanced to balanced conversion is accomplished with two of the same high quality TRHL-M transformers found in the Whirlwind DIRECTOR. Perfect for converting unbalanced signals from stereo keyboards, acoustic guitar preamps, CD and tape players, etc. The input and output grounds are kept isolated from each other so that the DIRECT2 can be used with two separate sources without ground loop interaction.

Input Impedance: 2 X 20k Ohms Output Impedance: 2 X 150 Ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ┬▒1dB Level Change (input to output): -20dB (pad out), -50dB (pad in)

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