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IMP Line Level Combiner
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Use the line level combiner when you want to create a mono mix from a stereo source but need to keep the original stereo signals isolated. It's great for feeding a DAT player or CD into a mono system or single channel on a board. The LLC not only combines two line-level signals into one line level output, it also compensates for the 6dB of gain that occurs when two in-phase signals are combined. A handy ground-lift switch breaks the shield connection between the inputs.

Frequency response: ±0.3dB 20Hz-20kHz Total harmonic distortion + noise: <0.025% at 1kHz Isolation between inputs: >42dB Insertion loss: -0.6dB, 50 Ohms source impedance -3.8dB, 200 Ohms source impedance Output level: -3.8dB with both channels at 0dB sine wave input, in phase Maximum input level: +28dBm Input impedance: 600 Ohms Output impedance: <100 Ohms

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