Whirlwind Audio Snakes
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  • Whirlwind's Medusa Series Snakes have been the touring standard worldwide for more than twenty years. Each Medusa Standard Series Snake begins with a heavy duty steel stage box wired with Whirlwind multipair cable and ends in a multichannel fanout. But durability doesn't stop there. Fanouts employ multiple layers of rugged heat shrink at the most critical points and a wire mesh hanger grip. To make absolutely certain this is the toughest snake around, we add a heavy-duty wire mesh strain relief at the box.
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  • The Medusa MultiSnake is perfect for organizing acoustic instrument and vocal frontlines. We've combined our MultiDirector's four premium direct boxes with a 4 channel mic snake into a single small stagebox measuring 9.5" (with handle) X 5.25" X 2.5".
  • The MINI-6 and MINI-12 are ideal for cleaning up cable runs in the studio or on stage. Use them for a keyboard rig, a complex drumkit setup, or any place you need to gather up mic lines.
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  • The Medusa Power Series is designed specifically for use with mixing boards that incorporate built-in power amplifiers. Each Power Medusa is constructed of a heavy-duty steel stage box with female XLR inputs, 1/4" TRS returns, and four 1/4" speaker jacks.
  • We designed our new Connect Series snakes with many of the same features found in our world famous Medusa┬« Standard snakes.
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  • The Medusa Multitrack (MT) Series is designed to interface multitrack recorders or outboard equipment to mixing consoles. Each Multitrack Medusa is constructed of Whirlwind multipair cable with a heat-shrunk fanout at each end, and is available with optional Snakeskin┬«. An alternative construction uses individually jacketed (I J) Belden wire with Snakeskin┬« fanouts standard.
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